About The Savannah Groom Room

Call/Text (912) 341-3992

Email SavGroomRoom@gmail.com

to book your pet's appointment

The Savannah Groom Room is a place where your pets get the individual attention they deserve. All of our grooming is done by appointment only. Please book your appointment at least a week in advance.

After grooming, we will call to let you know your pet is ready. But, don't worry if you cannot come right away. Your pet will get a potty break, water, and a comfy spot to wait for you.

We are open Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm and can be reached after hours by email at SavGroomRoom@gmail.com 

All breeds are welcome at The Savannah Groom Room and our groomers are knowledgeable and experienced in all AKC breed standard cuts and can make any modifications you desire.