Haircut Services

Long Haired
Short Haired
Kittens (under 6 months)

60  (sanitary trim +5)
50 (sanitary trim +5)

Our grooming prices depend on the breed, condition of the coat, behavior, and expectation. We happily quote estimated pricing over the phone or email however, giving an exact price can be difficult before seeing or working with your pet.

Please be aware these are not exacts. They are estimated based on previous or current clients.


includes: nail trim & brushing

Cats are creatures of habit & when exposed to a new environment they can experience elevated stress levels. In the event that your cat is too stressed to safely continue the groom, all procedures will stop & you will be notified immediately.

**If this should happen, you are encouraged to reschedule your cat's appointment for the following week for & we will try again.. However, we would require you to contact/visit your vet & bring your cat to the next appointment medicated.

​Mat Removal/

Single Area Shave

Lion Cut/Full Shave85
Sanitary Shave15