Grooming Requirements

Cat Clients Vaccine Requirements

Rabies1 yr vaccine
FVRCP1 yr vaccine

Grooming Consultation

Grooming is a very intimate experience for your pet.  We want it to be a pleasurable experience. It is important that our groomers get to know you, your pet, and what is important to the both of you. 

A consultation is the best way for information to be shared.  We will ask you about your pet's health, known allergies, likes, dislikes, temperament, experiences while being groomed, and how you would like to have your pet styled. During the consultation you can share any concerns or ask questions. An individual service plan will be developed at the time of your consultation, with your approval. 


Consultations can be conducted at the time of your first scheduled appointment or on another day/time before you schedule an appointment.

Dog Clients Vaccine Requirements

Rabies1 yr vaccine
DHPP1-3yr vaccine
Bordetella6 months